Spéléo initiation ou perfectionnement - APRES MIDI

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Caving is one of the best known activities in Vercors. Everyone is invited from 6 year olds up. We offer courses for two levels of experience: beginners and advanced.

Horizontal caving
This activity is performed in the beginners caves.

Half-day trails:
Les Goules Vertes, la Ture, la Grotte de l'Araignée, la Grotte au Gour, la Grotte Roche

Full day trails:
Le Gournier and Les Cuves de Sassenage

Vertical caving
This activity is performed in caves which involve several descents in wells using ropes and harness.

The Caves: les Aymards, le Trou Qui Souffle, le Gour Fumant, Orthovox etc.

Qualified speleologists will have you discover the labyrinths created by the underground rivers and lakes. You will leave yourselves be charmed by the passage of time - stalactites, stalagmites and column - in la Goule Verte, la Thur, le Gournier, les Grottes-Roches etc. These sites are particularly adapted for families, groups or teambuilding.
Groups are formed when there least five subscriptions