Nature in winter - SUNDAY 1:30pm-4pm

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Duration: Half-day, from 1:30pm to 4pm
Type: Snowshoe hike to discover nature
Level: Easy – Suitable for children from 7
Difference in altitude: 300m max / Actual walking time: around 2h

The plants of our mountains have to cope with the strong sun rays, intense cold periods, drying winds, alternating frost and thawing, the weight of snow... All these factors require them to adapt in order to survive. Discover how Nature braces itself for winter in the Vercors.

*Equipment required (especially for day outings)  - snowshoes provided with no extra fee (if needed)
A good pair of waterproof and comfortable shoes (no Moon boots!), warm clothing, hat, gloves, sun glasses, sun screen, a picnic for day outings and energy bars, 1 litre of water per person – and don’t forget your camera of course!

*Please have €1 handy to give directly to the driver as a participation in car sharing if you don’t come with your own car.